there's gau in my purse

11 p.m. randomisms:

- Someone downstairs just sneezed so loud I jumped.

- If Car Stereo Jackass drives up the street again tonight, there's no guarantee I won't get out of bed and rearrange his face.

- I had a fantastic evening until we watched "Quarantine." I love my family. Sometimes I miss them a lot.

- Videotaped the kids again. Not so cute today. Topic: The class receives the following instructions: Angle B in triangle ABC measures 49 degrees. Side BC measures 5 cm. Will everyone draw congruent triangles? Similar triangles? Neither? Why?

- If I could wanted badly enough to change one thing about myself this month, it would be my post-dinner snacking habit.

- I should be sleeping. But I am peeved.

- I should have been too peeved to make his lunch. But I made it.

- Instead of defrosting a new loaf of bread I made him a Heel Sammy. Meanie-mo-me.

Good night.


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