Dan's link to an article on the "God spot" led me to this: Thou shalt not text until Easter. Awesome premise: Spend more time cultivating real relationships and less time validating yourself in the virtual eyes of people you don't know.

And - finally! - a blog post that beats my ItalSteam review in popularity. Of course I want to say more on the subject, but at present all I have time for is: adoption and baby-selling do not equate. What's it going to take to educate more people of this?


Dan said...

yeah, i don't think that i could give up texting. or facebook. or blogging. well, maybe blogging. i have been busy as of late.

you gonna give up texting next year?

damned_cat said...

no texting would probably be fine. no blogging? oy.

vw: synagoge


Dan said...

yeah, i guess you wouldn't be able to not blog, where else would you share your ideas on purses or talk about the kids or your pets? hmm?

wv: dismast - to remove or break off the mast of.