and then, right to the rock

So, I have this bottle at work. I keep it in the closet, hidden away, and only take it out when I really need it. During a hard day, it comes in especially handy.

Fresh-brewed Eau de Common Sense. I make it myself.

When the kids are off-kilter and just need a laugh, I take the bottle and sprinkle them all with ECS. The placebo effect is wonderful - even though they think it is hysterical, they seem to have their heads on straighter after that. Like today. It's the first time I've taken out the bottle all year, but desperate times, my friend, call for desperate home brews. I doused them all with ECS and we got back to work.

Well, we had just capped off a spectacular writing period when someone came up and said, "I reached the bottom. Should I go to the next page?" Normally this type of question is met with a cold stare or some kind of snarl, but today, before I could whip up my best What do you think? face, Buddha yelled:

"Don't make her hit the bottle, man!"

Of course, the counselor was walking by my classroom at just that moment.

Who does not love wee ones?


Anonymous said...

OMG! I was just thinking about that the other day. I still have the Common Sense bottle we had at A+!

Dan said...

i'd ask if you can make me a bottle, but i'm afraid i'd just end up throwing the full bottle at the person to render them unconscious.

if i do brew my own, i'll be sure to use a glass bottle. better knock down power that way.

Brian said...

Thanks for the idea, but I work with lawyers, who are immune to the direct application of such potions. Will a Louisville Slugger work as an applicator?

Anonymous said...

OMG that is so cute! And I love that idea- I know a FEW people who could us some of that stuff haha.