what would house say?

When my brain is screaming to me that a kid is telling a bald-faced lie, my heart gets in the way. Screws everything up. I end up believing the stupidest, cockamamie stories.

I've developed a pretty good adult lie-detector, and you'd think kids would be easier. They're not. With some of them, I want so badly to bridge the gap that I hope past all reason that they're telling me the truth. Example of A Stupid Thing I Almost Bought Two Months Ago:

"Why is your mom's signature so messy?"
"She was in a hurry."
"But she had time to Wite-Out her signature and start over?"
"Well, actually, she told me to sign it for her."
"Yeah. She was busy making breakfast."
"Last night?"
"That's when she makes breakfast. The night before. Because we're so busy in the mornings."
"So, if I call her to verify this story, she will verify it?"
"You're sure?"

Five years full-time, about 10 total years working with kids, and I am still such a rookie.

*Epilogue: Thank God I actually called his mother. :I


Dan said...

you're a good adult lie-detector? geez. i wish i was that good. i'm pretty good with kids. they're lies aren't as elaborate and full of holes.

you're a good person, that's why you can't not believe the kid. you're sweet. don't lose that.

damned_cat said...

well, better with adults than children anywasy.

sweet = patsy. i'd like to lose at least some of it.

Dan said...

you? better with adults? hehe. you're not a patsy.