Third early-bird Saturday in a row. Difficult as it is to extricate myself from the bedroom coccoon (especially when I know I don't, under pain of death or unemployment, "have" to be somewhere), I like being active. I wouldn't give up my involvement in community and cultural organizations (and all their early weekend events) for all the snooze buttons in the world.

On sleep ... once vacation kicks in, I'm going to spend some time figuring out how to improve the quality of our zzz's. Can't do anything about the noise - the occasional hooligans who loiter on the backstreet at the choice hour of 3 a.m., or the college students who don't realize how easily their drunken conversations float right up the bedroom-side of the building. (I have a secret crush on the resident who gives each late-night disturbance about four minutes before he screams out his window "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" ... it always gets the job done. Except for the one time the drunken college student answered, "Your mom!") I don't live in a slum or anything, nor in a concrete jungle, but it's definitely not the idyllic valley I grew up in. These things still wake - and keep - me up. As for how we can improve our sleep, I think we can invest in a tempurpedic topper, or somehow improve the feng shui of our limited bedroom furniture (add that to what I'd do with a fraction of a billion dollars: buy a bedroom set).


Anonymous said...

This is the one thing I dread about moving into an apartment. Hopefully I'll have quiet neighbors...I'll record the sound of the train as it approaches for you. I should find that annoying. Having never been near a train that wasn't named Thomas, I find it amusing.

damned_cat said...

People in Hawaii are fascinated with trains. Just because we have no railroads. It's like our obsession with snow. And Bath and Body Works.