my fair lady

Take the key and lock her up.

Method of take: :(

Why am I blogging on the morn of May Day instead of losing my head downstairs with everyone else? Because my job got usurped by a crazy b*tch (whom I normally like) who thinks the red and yellow hibiscus she just five minutes ago ripped off the school bush will look nicer in the coco palm weave than the heliconia I painstakingly collected, clipped and safeguarded during yesterday's decorating frenzy. What is the point, sometimes. In a few minutes I'll go down and try to be open-minded, because maybe it really does look better than what I planned (and already started, mind ye) - but honestly how hard is it to ask someone to change all their decorating plans before coming in with a truckload of flowers so you can make the court look totally unspecial in your own special way? (I'm not just being mean. The school is BORDERED by hibiscus bushes, which bloom all year, ergo, hibiscus poles are not exactly a unique treat to look at on May Day.)

Whatever, right?

But in less uncool news (I were an English major!) ... I lost a bet with a friend:

From: ******@aol.comTo: ******32@hotmail.comSubject: Re: mahaloDate: Thu, 3 May 2007 19:33:37 EDTIn a message dated 5/3/07 12:55:14 PM, ********32@hotmail.com writes:
christy wong has a bet going on with me that you don't remember her. she graduated in 2001, and i think won the hemingway for her short story "backpack weather" around then. can i tell her she lost?

Yes. I recognized the name immediately. And I have so many students I usually don't remember last names. What was yours again? Haha.

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