now appearing on my shit list

I do pray that if ever in my journey as an educator I evolve into an administrator - or, in my life's journey evolve into someone with general clout - I remain "too forward," which I know now without a doubt I should have taken as nothing but a compliment. I'd rather someone be taken aback by my willingness to demand quality performance with specific parameters than by chickenshit maybe you shoulds and how about ifs, all gussied up to look like politeness.

If you want meatballs to rain from the sky, you'd better call your local meteorologist and butcher and put in your request. Sure, they'll tell you to go f*ck yourself because they have actual things to do while you just have your head up your ass, but at least no one will accuse you of not putting what you want into words.


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Dan said...

just breathe. deep cleansing breaths. then stab stab stab. use a pencil if you need to.