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I consider myself to be very low-maintenance. I'm not your doormat, but I'm not a demanding person at all. For instance, I don't fly off the handle in any of the following situations: total strangers' kids spill food on me, people cut me off on the freeway, my cell phone company screws me month after month, rarely getting actual ice in my iced tea from McDonalds. I do write the occasional concise Angry Consumer Letter and I do send disgusting food back to the kitchen, but aside from that and maybe a verbal FU, I chalk screw-ups up to life being life and people being human. Not a demanding person.


On the rare occasions I ask for something minor, like a stage adjustment that requires about 45 seconds of extremely light manual labor, or for the grade level to sing one song in particular for graduation rather than go through the rigamarole of voting for something by Celine Dion that they can't even follow, I get pretty irritated when I have to ask twice, or worse, fight for the stupid thing. I let you replace my fundraiser theme with yours, give me my git-danged stairs, woman.

In 95 percent of all cases, I find men so much easier to work with than women. And no, I don't possess any wiles or physical attributes that make them give me my way, it's just that they're so much more reasonable and less bitchy. Cut and dried, black and white, get in and get out. Why discuss everything to death? It's a yes or a no, it works or it doesn't.


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Dan said...

yeah, if i came away with anything from this it's that you can't use dang.