What kind of an idiot do you have to be to think it matters what was actually in the cup? Yeah, you go be a teacher, you "drunken pirate." Personally I think a slap on the wrist would have sufficed but, then again, maybe making a REAL example of her will discourage other future educators from broadcasting themselves as bad role models.

Ew. But at least he has something for show and tell.

I am thoroughly sick of dealing with bossy people who probably have never in their lives gone with someone else's idea. Got two emails just this morning, both informing me that my proposals have once again been dumped by the wayside (and therefore I will have to deal with someone else's photographer/seating arrangement/music/what have you). Do your thing, already.

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Dan said...

hehehe. i've got that snap, crackle, pop noise too. think it's spiders? that'd be so cool!
*hug* it'll be ok.