never had one lesson

Currently reading the latest issue of Hawaii's magazine since 1888 ... Raiatea Helm is beautiful, and while I am not versed in classical Hawaiian music, what little I've listened to of hers is gorgeous as well. (It's 11.27 p.m. and I'm reading Honolulu and eating Oreos by candlelight - and am not at home, so pardon my vocabulary deficiency, I am in warmish, cookieful heaven.) There is a short Q & A with Lois-Ann Yamanaka in the mag as well - which, frankly, gave me serious chills. Perfection.

So far we've watched "Eloise at The Plaza" (horrid, just read the book), inspected Ugly Dolls at ThinkerToys (I am enamored with the hysterically named "Minimum Wage"), visited Mart at work, and baked kitty treats (little flakes of tuna everywhere.) Also throughout the day I've shuttled the girls to and fro, everywhere from Ice Palace to the grand Carnivale. No more malasadas, but it's just as well. Oreos ...

Right now the girls are watching "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." And loving it. I feel an irrational sense of triumph.

Shake it up, baby, now ...

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