although it's true you get what you pay for ...

Watch me singlehandedly wipe "Meets with Excellence" off the face of the planet. Um ... off the face of the new SBRC. Um ... off my consciousness as I make it a malasadas-and-Majandra-Delfino weekend.

Okay - in short, I'll just say that my problem with "meets with excellence" is that it is not standards-based, so what's it doing on a standards-based report card?


> Could 8 megapixels actually be a drawback?
> What happens to things that get lost in the mail?
> Is JP really dating Lindsay Lohan?
> How bad can petmeds.com be?

Oh ... and apparently I really screwed up by not taking more pictures at my dad's party. The disappointment he expressed kept me awake last night. It's really hard to sleep when you're kicking yourself. But I wanted to say - 1) I was kind of dazed at the turnout and 2) We were not hosts - so it didn't really occur to me to get into photo-snappy host mode. He's extremely disappointed that there are no table/group shots except of our little special table. I'd be disappointed too - the department throws you this gigantic bash and all, and virtually none of it is captured on film (or stick or whatever.) I do feel terrible that we didn't think to bring the camcorder, and that there are something like 12 photos of a four-hour, once-in-a-lifetime party. I don't know who to be mad at here, but since my dad's mad at me, I guess that's a good place to start.

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