Much as I admire Kimmie Meissner and excited as I am to see those Japanese quad jumps, I'm most anxious to see Michelle Kwan bring it to Torino. Yay! The only other year I can remember caring about the Winter Olympics was 1992, when Kristi Yamaguchi plucked the gold from Midori Ito; everyone's heart broke when Dan Jansen, skating for his sister, finished fourth; crazy Alberto Tomba (Bode Miller of the day) won the Giant Slalom. In 1994 Tonya and Nancy came along and messed everything up. Skating, and skaters, became such a joke. I tuned in only to watch Grinkov and Gordeeva win pairs.

Side: Yesterday would have been Sergei Grinkov's 39th birthday. His death in '95 was all my friend Deb and I could talk about, as those were the days we still had wholehearted visions of romance. My Sergei: A Love Story
, published in 1996, was the best romantic lit we'd ever wept through.

... Oh, the things that consumed us.

Anyway, I'll be watching Michelle ... if I can stand it. The pressure she's under is so great I think it'll be hard to even watch.

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