great and small

Feels like a Monday ... thank God it isn't. Dad's retirement thing yesterday was great. For the most part. Excepting the miso mahi, the food was sort of disappointing - but then, I'm slowly but surely losing my God-given Hawaii-girl proclivity for effectively overeating at any given buffet, so it really wasn't a huge loss. About 140 people showed up to toast and roast. I had no idea it was going to be such a big deal - I was picturing a dozen people, maybe 20 at the most. I made a very short speech, but it was at the EPA dinner a few weeks ago that I said what I felt most - how in awe I was of my dad's 34 years of service. Just starting out on this path and already feeling old and tired makes me appreciate his accomplishment all the more. So kudos to my dad, who starts the next chapter of his life ... whenever he chooses to wake up today.

e-mail from aunt t:

hi d_c, we're in narita on our way to singapore for a week of play. ... from one teacher to another, you and shaar have much to share. she's thinking of grad school at UH but boston is her first choice at this point. can't believe mom and dad are both retired, al and i will be working forever ... but hopefully that will keep us young??? take care, and thanks for the note, love to all.

Forward: on Drama-Queen detail till 11 tonight. Hope nothing's on TV so I can get these RCs done ... Friday is Punahou Carnival (I may be useless at a buffet but I can still make malasadas disappear at an astonishing rate) ... Saturday to Sunday is a 24 hour DQ shift. I am yessing all the extra work because the camera is going to set me back anywhere from $600 to $1200. Looking (online only, so far) at the Canon 20D. Although for my purposes the less expensive 10 might suffice.

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