Little D!

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Brought Little D home today - our new 2010 Honda CR-V. Fake out on the Hyundai Tuscon (so many aspects of which I was really set on, btw - it worked so well with our budget, came highly recommended, features were exactly what we wanted in a economically priced family-sized car.) But something happened in the eleventh hour, so we went to our next-in-line and - I think - we are really happy.

Even if we haven't experienced everything we're going to with the car itself, we're definitely happy with the car buying experience. For future reference, two things are essential: 1) knowing, to the greatest possible extent, what you want before you set foot in any dealership. Do a lot of work on the internet and on the phone. For me, there's nothing more painfully, torturously boring than shopping for a car - as in, visiting multiple dealerships, test driving multiple vehicles, hearing multiple sales spiels at each dealership, etc. 2) Knowing what you don't want and don't need. We had the added bonus of a family member helping us out (can't stress enough how grateful we are for the hours of headache this saved us.) Let me put it this way - I'd hate to be on the buying end with this guy not on our side.

Heading off to birthday dinner now - probably have a lot more to blog on the car when I've taken it out on the town. Like, to work. Tomorrow. Sigh.


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