i take two steps forward, he steals the covers

In the spirit of Nerd Day, I am outfitted in office un-chic (striped oxford shirt, slacks and suspenders, plus glasses). Cub's reaction: "That's hot!"

Me: "Maybe I should go change. It's not supposed to be hot, it's supposed to be nerdy."

Him: "Well, it's hot. You totally look like Paula Abdul when she was singing with that cat back in the '80s."

Can I get a big Janice Litman-style OH. MY. GOD!?

First of all, that image, even if it were accurate, is not hot. Second, it's not accurate, because wasn't it MC Skat Kat who was wearing the suspenders?

Didn't change. Don't feel hot or spiritedly nerdy. Feel like a moldy cartoon cat from the '80s. Which apparently rocks my husband's world.

(Follow-up: Asked my friend to help me put my hair in pigtails, then studied the overall effect and discovered that I look like one of the fifth graders, who wears glasses and pigtails on a daily basis. Hope she either doesn't notice or takes it as a compliment!)