"Look! It's a frickin' elephant!" - Diaries of a Mad Preschool Teacher

Sometimes when I accidentally type "gmail.om" or "blogger.co" by mistake, and I am bounced to some MSN search page that can "help" me with my "problem," I want to smack my smartass computer upside the head and yell, "You know what I mean, @$$hole!"

I'm trying very hard not to let it be one of those days but it's 6 a.m. and I already feel >:(.

Today's mini-obsession: getting stuff off my desk. Mid-sized obsession: ramping up the persuasive essays. Mondo obsession: grad planning. 'Tis that time of year - again. I don't remember using "You'll Be in My Heart" as the parent song more than once but perhaps I'm being punished for the shenanigans of teachers past, because I heard through the pint-sized grapevine that parents are "sick" of that song. Then how 'bout you pick an awesome song that 1) the kids want to sing to you, 2) will make you cry, 2) the kids can carry (e.g. is not a Diane Warren / Celine Dion collaboration.)

Or maybe it's just my shoddy memory and ill temper. Let you know later how awesome a teacher I am on one hour of sleep. Sleep issues, which I've never had before, have started creeping up on me. I usually don't even wake up to use the bathroom. But I've started waking up in the middle of the night feeling anxious, waking up too early on weekend mornings amid lingering vapors of really strange and crappy dreams, waking up with aching ribs, having trouble falling asleep ... I want to blame the Memory Foam topper or Scott's snoring (which usually doesn't bother me but his recovery from this latest cold has been slow) just so I don't have to look any deeper.

'Kay, going to see if my Amazon order came in yet. (No worries, V, it's a work purchase.) Doing some fun literary analysis stuff for the final quarter of the school year, so I bought two used Alice in Wonderland DVDs- one, the Natalie Gregory (1985) version, is my favorite - simply because I watched it a frazillion times on VHS when I was about seven. The other is a Kate Beckinsale adaptation that I hope I do not regret later.

Ta ...

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