going home

Everything's wrapped, finally. I sent all the presents to my mom and dad's to be placed under the tree, including the presents given to me by my students and relatives, so that we can go over tomorrow and open them properly.

I realized last night that I didn't really suit up for Christmas this year - everything was done at the last minute, I didn't do enough special things with my kids, and for goodness' sake, I bought S. a Christmas present from the mall - yesterday. I hope next year things are less hectic so that we can get properly in the spirit of things - early. As we were drifting off, I almost said, Maybe when we have kids, we'll get more excited about Christmas, but didn't, because Christmas is not only for kids, and the time we have where it's just the two of us is limited, so we should make the most of every year until kids, rather than waiting until kids to get excited.

And now, speaking of excitement, it's time to roll out ... to Sam's Club. This is the last of the shopping. It's got to be.


Dan said...

eh, last minute shopping is fine too. i mean, how early of a jump start do you want on the holiday? you wanna fight the swarms on black friday?

well, have a merry xmas. take pictures! i'm tracking santa now. boy is he in for a surprise when he comes to my place.

fallen_star808 said...

How was Sam's Club?

I ended up buying BFC's gift the day before Christmas Eve. :p

damned_cat said...

@Dan - NO BLACK FRIDAY. But maybe Black Saturday.

@C - Sam's was ok. Sooo ... what did you get him???