damned cat

I am in heaven. I just cleaned the bedroom (my half, anyway - S doesn't accumulate much of a mess) complete with vacuuming the rug, washing the bedding, and reshelving dozens of books. I usually sleep in on Saturdays (well, not the most recent ones) but was awakened by the familiar sound of a glass of water tipping onto the rug near the bed (swimming in a glass of water is the cat's absolute favorite form of mischief) - I usually don't even bother to blot it up because it's just water and the rug will be replaced sometime in the forseeable future - but this morning I foggily remembered that before turning out the light last night I had stacked my bookfair plunder on the floor near the bed (contrary to S's belief that books don't belong on the coffee table, kitchen counter, shoe rack or floor, I believe they belong everywhere), scrambled upright, threw the cat about six feet in some direction I cannot remember (except that it wasn't up), and swept the armful of books up onto the bed. Checked them blindly for water damage, and, finding none, curled up and went back to sleep with all of the books under my arm.

Anyway, it's my first Saturday "off" in awhile. Even if it hadn't been for Fish Cat's antics, I wouldn't have slept in - I was much too excited about vacuuming and rearranging my tiny bedroom bookshelf. Due to space constraints (my chief reason for wanting a house upon marriage is so that I can have lots more bookshelves) lots of stuff got relegated to the living room bookcase. Which, from the looks of it, also needs a good reshelving. Ooh, so much stuff to do with my free Saturday. Maybe when I get home tonight.

S, a much early riser, is already at his mom's. We're going to the water lily farm out in Waimanalo today ... hopefully we will come home with ideas for centerpieces and not with silly purchases like guppies or actual water lilies. I do tend to be impulsive around plants and fish, but am pretty sure that after last night's damage at the bookstore I will be able to keep my pocketbook shut.


Dan said...

you know, i find it a bit disturbing about your care for books over the cat. even if you didn't toss the kitty in an upward direction.
still, from you it's not that strange.

books > cat.

damned_cat said...

let's put it this way. if i dump a glass of water all over the cat, she'll start purring. if the cat dumps a glass of water all over my books, she'll be homeless.

i have a weird relationship with books and an even weirder cat ... what can i say.

Dan said...

i dunno. i see a common denominator here. you. hehe. you're weird but the good kind.

damned_cat said...

so i have a mini side-story to go with that.

yesterday my fiance suggested that i move some books to my mom's house. "you know, because you don't really read all these books here."


blog forthcoming.