bored much?

Fact: Prior to the 15th, I have forgotten to sign in twice this year.
Fact: There is a teacher on another GL who forgets to sign in once or twice a week.
Fact: There is usually a 3 x 5 post-it note on the page you forgot to sign in.
Fact: This morning there was a fluorescent green 8 x 11 sheet of paper with my full name and "PLEASE SIGN IN" in 100-pt type clipped to a display stand on the office counter. Are you inputting that? One hundred point type, on a display stand on the counter.
Fact: The people in the office are complete bitches.

I know someone or sometwo or somethree are going to tell me it is my fault for not signing in in the first place. I f*cking know that. But thank you anyway.


Dan said...

hehe. can't resist...

i like fact #2. "but so-and-so gets to stay out until midnight!"
to which i used my parents replied, "that's nice, but that's not going to happen as long as you live under this roof."

well, maybe that other person has a legitimate reason. you know, like mental handicaps? you, on the other hand, are held to a higher standard.
trust me, i know. i've got the book thrown at me for doing things that others had been caught doing (i.e. sitting down when i'm supposed to be standing).

damned_cat said...

i know, i know.

p.s. i way way overreacted. i guess the color green and i just don't agree ... esp not in the wee hours of the morning.

Dan said...

nah, no overreaction. except maybe the 100pt font thing. really? a 100pt font? because i doubt it would fit on a 8x11.

damned_cat said...

really, a 100 point font. try it.

Dan said...

well, you do have a short name so that helps.