pencils down

In a better mood. This helps.

And this - they're WRITING. They like it (hey Mikey!). I'm giddy. "Can I take my Writer's Notebook home?"


She interpreted my silence to be a criticism of her grammar, so she corrected herself: "May I?"

Broke through to one of my edgier girls today. She was waiting, waiting to see if I was going to ask about her brother, who I had two years ago. I am dying to know how he is, but I know the way to a child's heart is absolutely never via a sibling, especially one as loved as her brother. So I have kept my mouth shut about him and told her today that I really enjoyed her Christopher Columbus assignment (which was not a fabrication - she wrote copiously, and well) and the little glowers have stopped. I got a please and thank you, Ms. Damned_Cat, and some small talk. I'm in.

Bye, Apollo ...


Dan said...

not that you need a reason to have some cherry garcia to boost your mood but what's up? it's not the hair is it? cuz i'm bald(ing).

what's copious?

brian said...

Lies, all lies. Cherry Garcia didn't use black cherries in mourning. It was Jerry's ashes -- something to do with Jerry wanting to outdo Keith Richards. Guess what happens when the members of Phish die.