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Yesterday one of my c/o 2006 kids (she's in 7th grade now) e-mailed me a poem she wrote about reading and growing one's imagination ... she didn't tell me she wrote it, so at first I thought she was just sharing something she found. I was blown away when she told me it wasn't reprinted and that she was the author. I e-mailed my congratulations and she said "u noe how it is, sometimes u just think of something n u have to write it down."


An '07er came by to visit this afternoon. He was the most mature of my boys last year ... funny kid, it was nice to see him. I gave him a note to give one of my other naughties from last year. I miss them all.

This bunch is ... polite, to say the least. "May I please" was like pulling teeth last year; these kids sat through a full two minutes of me scolding them for sitting idle while waiting for the bell to ring, before someone very politely pointed out that the bell had already rung.

So behind on sleep.

Started the writing program today. I feel GOOD about it and many of them do, too. A few were reluctant to stop - the best sign of all.

Still, I have my arms outstretched to Friday ...

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Dan said...

aww. see. you're not evil.