my cookies for the day

Three, to be exact. One was from Great Harvest bakery, a present from a teammate and mentor in literacy, to thank us for working on yesterday's presentation. The speed at which I ate it could not be timed. The next two cookies are more figurative - sweet rewards for hard work that is only going to get harder. Revisiting Mem Fox's resplendent Radical Reflections made me think (and want to chew off my own hand for some of the writing assignments I've given so far) ... but I don't think it's too late for redemption. Of course writers write for real, and of course these kids are writers. So, what shall we write, for real, about?

Cookies 2 and 3 - or, a cursory sampling of what's come in so far for this assignment that I'm very excited about:

Dear Editor,

I as a fifth grader think it is unfair that in kindergarten through third grade gets 45 minutes of PE per week and for fourth and fifth graders get 55 minutes of PE per week. I am expshlye Fustrated because in this artkle it sez that from fifth grade through middle school no PE is required. I mean what if people gives up on physical education adn take the risk of geting obeas or wors geting hert diazeas and die so pleas expand PE and help ceep physical education in everyone's life from when ther in kindergarten to when they grow up.

Dear Editor,

As a 5th grader of ********* elemenchrey I think us kids of hawii shousd have a stand and say of our fisecal fitnes. I feel that we keikis need fisical fitness so we don't get obess or overweigh. Do you know all most 50 percent of kids are over weigh adn we need PE so I think we the keiks of Hawii should have more time in PE and through out middel school countinu PE. And to avoid haret deves we need PE and to stay fir and in shap. With PE [picture of a smiling heart] Without PE [picture of a crying heart].

... I love teaching.


Dan said...

they spelled editor right. better than me. had to use spell-check. i'm not ashamed of that fact.

Anonymous said...

Great thoughts put on paper but would you get busted as a teacher of 5th graders who can't spell?