coulda, woulda, shoulda ...

... had a v8.

You're asking yourself what the expensive, beautiful-but-behemoth new printer is doing on the classroom floor. And I'm answering: That's where I dropped it. On myself. This is what it looked like after I screamed "oh f*ck me!" and scrambled to lug it from its face-down, dead-to-the-technological-world position into its correct standing position.

Ow. OW.

* Update: Bit the bullet and asked for help, which is what I should have done in the first place. Now I have a knee problem and pseudo-blogger has a back problem, but happily, the printer has no problems. It's working just fine.


Anonymous said...

A V8 would have gotten it over to the table. Or maybe at least to the next square tile on the floor.

Anonymous said...

I wrote that last smart alek remark


Dan said...

you kids and your crazy fun!

it almost makes you wonder why they'd make a 55lbs printer with no handles.

there's an old saying (to apply next time faced with a daunting task) work smarter, not harder.

plug that bad boy in where it lies. seems like a good place. central, easily accessible, and simple to reach.

Dan said...


i thought of your pain when i saw the headline.