feh! FEH!

Seriously had to drag self out of apartment this morning. Sleeping lump of boyfriend didn't make it any easier. Had to face bunch of fellow bananas who went downstairs in jammies last night to see the knocked-over hydrant/geyser.

I'm ready for this year, tho, and all SYs start with this protocol/procedure/don't-hit-the-kids meeting, so, yeh, away we go ...

Bonus! Bloodborne pathogens video that we have to sit through every year. "If it dries, it dies." Guess what? We get free flu shots this year, and staff lunch prices have gone up to $4, and there are many lessons to be learned from geese.

Also, there IS an AYP cake. I knew it.


Anonymous said...

That lump of boyfriend make be of use in the future. I don't feel that bad for those who have a month vacation and complain of having to wake up early.


damned_cat said...

Well, it was a lump of cute (however unsympathetic) boyfriend.


Dan said...

hmm, free flu shots coincide with a hike in lunch prices? smells like a conspiracy to me.

and remember, those flu shots? made by the lowest bidder. just like everything else made from a government contract.

just smilin' a little at the look of horror as you realize that. see? already on my way to hell.