worst date movie, best birth control

Now, I have thought Katherine Heigl was hotter than a jalapeno with a sunburn since she hatched from a pod on Roswell, but "Knocked Up" scared the living shit out of me. Between the vomiting and the supposed cost of a crib, the movie is like a PSA for population control.

Labor pains aside, I guess I feel less rushed to have kids because I feel like I already have so many. I started working with kids about 10 years ago and I feel like I've made a positive difference (albeit a small one) in many of their lives. I saw some of the first kids I ever worked with graduate from high school a couple of days ago. No, they don't remember me, but I might always remember them.

I know I'll have kids someday. But right now I'm just really, really happy that all I have waking me up at 5 a.m. is a warm puppy. At least he never made me throw up.


Dan said...

you might think it's not profound, but shaping the future isn't a small thing. and yes, they may not remember you're name but it's not the most important thing.

*hug* you are important!

Anonymous said...

You make big differences in kid's lives. Me? I am able to change history, nah nah just joke! Oh by the way, I'm sorry for waking you up at 5 AM. I already apologized to Kona the JUG and he forgave me.