The bits and pieces of it all are killing me. When - this is rhetorical - was the last time I was in love with anything? This just in: I want to go law school. (I also want to be taller. Alex, what are ... the reasons I own two Kaplan LSAT guides and too many pairs of 3.5-inch heels? ... That is correct. You can't keep a good cat down.)

I suggested the fruit-infused margaritas last night. While Ken Momochi (lightweight) didn't get shitfaced, quite, he allowed me to drive his truck home. Me, i just can't drink anymore. Crud, my chemical composition is changing - I'm becoming play-doh.


  • laundry
  • CNY parade
  • photo shoot
  • Checked up on K.M. - he was okay enough to pull hose in a "wet drill" at work. Sounds yucky, actually.
  • Washed parade shirts and some other things that didn't need washing.
  • Two chapters of His Excellency: George Washington by Joseph J. Ellis.
  • Watched Logo Movie Special on Brokeback Mountain.
Update - great turnout at the CNY parade. Okay, I am and always have been in love with Chinatown. Yellow bandanas be damned, I love that parade.


PG said...

My tolerance for alcohol seems to have died at the worst possible time, i.e. halfway through law school. I had two drinks last week around 10pm, and by 4am had a headach that literally made me cry.

damned_cat said...

sad, isn't it? my tolerance died in grad school too. but i guess it's just as well ... teaching with a hangover SUCKS.