I don't know when I'll have time to blog the whole adventure, but I seem to have found 5 minutes to upload some random pre-wedding pics that'll have to do for now. Right: A snap of my FB reminder that the inevitable was upon us. Yow. I think I added WeddingBook when we still had over six months to go. It was a great visual reminder of how much (and then how little) time we had. January and on, it caused so much discomfort that some days I wouldn't log onto Facebook at all. It's still up, and now it says "We've been married 5 days."

Left: Wedding morning in Manoa. Three of my lovelies (Tami, Peahen and Vickie) amidst hair and makeup and Chicken McNugget chaos. (Although all of that has been conveniently cropped out. Trust me. Six inches to the left, the dining table is heaped with irons, trays of curlers, and suitcases of MAC shadows.) Lisa holds up an Ed Hardy duvet cover that I registered for at Macys on a total whim, thinking no one would actually get it for us. It arrived in the mail a few days before the wedding. Now to ponder: Should we spend $300 on the actual sheets?

Couple more pics I put here have magically disappeared, but that is the handiwork of this temperamental PC, so oh well. More later.

One more Thing of Note: After six solidly successful months of freedom from soda, I fell off the wagon during wedding week. I wouldn't say I reverted to my old ways - it wasn't a Big Gulp a day or anything - but I would chug half a can at dinnertime without thinking, I actually ordered one at a restaurant, nd I drank one with the two bites of dinner I ate at the reception. This probably doesn't sound so bad, but I'm an all-or-nothing kind of eater/drinker. A few more days of that and I would have been back at 7-Eleven with my head under the Pepsi fountain.

Great Aloha Run in a few days. Can I really drag my @$$ eight miles after no workouts for the past three weeks?

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plainshorts said...

yes. you. can. =D GOOD RUCK!