to do - expaaaaaandable

TDL, v. Summer Break '08:

- watch Indiana Jones movie
- practice ironing
- finish my tattoo
- make a nice new shoe house
- put up some shelving
- re-feng shui bedroom
- bake? just kidding.
- hike Kuliou'ou every other week till I get it, damnit!
- read The Odyssey
classroom overhaul
- gradually detox from the following addictions: Pepsi (replace w/something containing less than a truckload of sugar), the morning 'Wreck Roll - including JustJared.com (replace w/more real-life blogs, and actual news), my Hairspray soundtrack (discover new musicals)
- make a 5-year plan
- throw things away <-- this is on my DAILY tdl
- shampoo the carpet
- sleep. a lot.


Anonymous said...

"finish my tattoo"
You must post updates as they happen!

"watch Indiana Jones movie"
It was good, not great.

and where on your list is "visit Vickie"?

Dan said...

"practice ironing" how does one go about doing that? step one: google the concept. 2. read up on subject. 3. watch a video about it. 4. hand gestures. 5. iron without plugging it in.
hehe, sorry couldn't help myself. ironing is not fun.

"finish my tattoo" it's not done? whatcha getting? a sleeve?

damned_cat said...

Vickie - I will. I'm so sad you won't be here :(

I heard the same thing about IJ ... but it's a must-see just because it's IJ.

I really think I might need a random escape sometime before the wedding, so don't fill your guest bedroom with too many shoes and/or articles of "winter clothing" even though I'm sure that's one thing you will go completely nutso over once you're in OR.

Dan - ironing really sucks, and i really suck at ironing. for me, practice will include things like ironing sheets and other things normal people really can't mess up.

as far as the tattoo, i dunno. i think the name needs some kind of embellishment, but i haven't decided what yet.