I used to have AOL e-mail. I never deleted the account and so from time to time I check it, expunge a ton of spam, stumble across random "hi there"s from people who don't have my current address, etc.

Today I found the following:

feb 7 - i feel it would be better if we stop communication as it is disrespectful to both of our significant others. i'm sure scott would feel the same way. best wishes

aug 30 - dear aunty, how's it going? I have sent several emails to grandaunty, but I don't know whether she receive them or not. I went to England this summer holiday. I have stayed there for 3 weeks. At the second week, I was used to the weather and the food. I have 2-hour lessons in the morning every day and go sightseeing in the afternoon . I have made some friends. My hosts were nice, there were also two French girls live together. Although I met some difficulties in England, I felt happy! Hope this letter will get to you.


Dear Feb. 7, Either your poor paranoid and insecure girlfriend sat right next to you and dictated this for you to type, or she sent it herself and that's why it arrived at my un-address. My friendship with you has never been disrespectful toward Scott, and he knows it. I truly hope that someday you find someone who will love and trust you the same way.

Dear Margaret, my mom's not that great with e-mail, so please forgive the lengthy delay between replies. She would be happy to know you were in England and that you enjoyed your stay. Your English has gotten a lot better! Please tell uncle and aunty I said hello and that I am looking forward to my next trip to Zhongshan. Love, d_c.


Anonymous said...

How ironic that it was sent on feb 7.

damned_cat said...

indeed >:(