writing the book

Love is: Never making an unwilling partner go on a roller coaster with you.

Love that will last a lifetime is: Buying them a frozen banana to eat while they wait for you at the exit.

Very interested in this whole Mission: SPACE thing. I'm sure it's not directly causing people to die, but those people probably would not have died minutes after getting off Peter Pan or even the Matterhorn. I used to really enjoy watching people get off the Zipper. I think I'd love camping out for a half hour in front of Mission: SPACE.

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Dan said...

i wouldn't mind it except for the wussy 2.4G's. i mean c'mon! 2.4? that's it? gimme 5-6 and i'm on it! although it would be funny to watch people come out.
the only thing it's missing is the degenerative bone mass loss.