Annual Colonial America field trip ... of course 1) I am beyond bored of this excursion because this is my fourth time and 2) I still have stars in my eyes from last weekend so all except the general splendor of the Academy was lost on me. Ironically the chain I'd been wearing my ring on broke while we were walking through the galleries so I am now wearing the ring on my finger, one over from where it actually belongs.

Oh and - for your enjoyment - following closely a dream I had about not putting the kids on the bus back to school on time, we actually IRL got on the wrong bus. We knew we were in trouble when the bus driver zoomed past the freeway onramp. Anyway, it was a combo of their fault and ours. Mine for, well, getting on the wrong bus, and theirs for being parked where our bus was supposed to be.

File under KSTDT:

Ms. D_C: Can anyone tell me what a hypothesis is?

Jeb: A lot of people in my neighborhood are addicted to that. It's bad stuff, man.

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Dan said...

it's no joke. i used to be addicted to hypothesis... been clean for 60 days now. it's a dark, dank path.