i am thinking about the honey again

I wanted to link this somewhere because I aspire to have as much strength and faith as Remle Wong Winand in all aspects of my life. She is beyond amazing.

This is my favorite entry. Could I be as diligent, as intuitive, as compassionate a mother? Could I lose someone I loved this deeply and still have this much faith and love for life? Could I identify all the gifts from God that she has, in such a dark time? Could I lose so much yet be so grateful every day?

I feel so young after reading Remle. If you know me, you know that I almost always feel older than I want to, so this is an odd feeling. The reason I feel young is because I remember being six or seven and being bossed around by this insufferable little girl, Remle ... who years later grew into this amazing, courageous woman. I myself have grown into a slightly taller girl who is still getting bossed around, only now by less-than-amazing people.

Perspective. I am slowly trying to put my own life in order ...