tapping out

Saying goodbye is never easy, even when the soon-to-be-departed is a royal pain in one's ass. Unfortunately, I can't mentally or financially afford having two kids, so one of 'em has to go ... I love the kitty and will really miss her, but hopefully adopting her out will alleviate some of the dog's negative behaviors (and subsequently the pain in my neck) ... Also, I figure a cat adds roughly another $300 to the annual budget (that's just care and feeding; that figure does not factor in our whimsical weekend trips to pet stores where we load up a cart with $60 worth of stuff in 5 minutes.)

Now to find someone who wants a cat who thinks she's a monkey ...

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Dan said...

aww. i'd take her but unfortunately i can't afford one. plus there's the cost of shipping and handling. good luck finding her a good home.