the rain in spain

Mildly sick. I felt the onset yesterday, and was almost sure this morning, but had to be upright for a few hours before confirming that yes my sinuses are foggy and yes there is just enough gunk in the various passages of my head to make me feel a little bit bleah. Oh well.

I can't believe two out of the 13 "top stories" on CNN.com are about bubbleheaded celebrities. Paris Hilton being sad about going to jail is the best. I bet it's (seriously) tough to be a celebrity, but on the other hand, how hard is it to not drink and drive? Anyway, I can't wait for the new Maxim to show up in my bathroom. While Lindsay Lohan is severely overrated, I love Katherine Heigl. You don't even know. Hey, if CNN can have a shallow morning, so can I.

Speaking of pretty faces, OUR SHOW IS NEXT WEEK. I'm at that point where I just roll with the punches and let everyone else have their fun because there's no point in fighting city hall. Shoot, all I wanted to do was wear an evening gown during the day. Hehehe. Had I known last summer that coordinating the show meant zero chances of actually being in the show, I would have thought twice. Watching all the pretty girls march around in shiny dresses makes me wistful. Please pass the donuts.


Dan said...

yesh. i've been feeling sick for the last couple of days. dunno what it is, not really sick but definitely feeling the effects. maybe you have sympathy sickness?

damned_cat said...

yeah! like joey's sympathy labor pains on friends. hehe.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's alergy to the fish market smell. *inside joke* Did it disappear this AM?