i don't like what you did

I love graduation season, but this year it's all closing in so fast. So many projects wrapping up at the same time ... everything hectic, everything up in the air - suspended as long as you are just so coordinated - till everything falls down, like balls when you're done juggling. Bam, bam, bam, show's over, go home.

Not quite yet.

Still amid grad chaos - on the one hand I want to tell everyone who messes with my shit to f*ck off or else write the script themselves next year but on the other hand, you know, we're collaborative learners and community contributors, so I'm supposed to invite constructive criticism (even at the very last minute), or at least use the language we press on the kids: "I don't like what you did."

Words I hate at the moment: switch (as in, "Let's just switch this paragraph here with this paragraph there"), risograph (as in "Let's stay afterschool today and risograph 4 billion programs"), class (as in, "Class, please rise" and "Class, please be seated"), alma mater (as in, "CUT! CUT! It's not ALMER MATER, it's ALMA! ALMA!")

Should be a fun day.

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Dan said...

and yet you'll get through it all. it is inevitable. hehe.