But how would you take them for a walk?

Here, there ... everywhere. Yeah, I know people kill people and all that jazz, and if we outlaw civilian gun ownership we might as well take away cars too, blah blah, but let me just say that the purpose of a car is to transport, not kill, as is indisputably the purpose of a gun. Second amendment? Self-defense? Nobody makes a gun to scare or seriously injure someone. Cars are to transport. Guns are to kill. Both require a human being to properly operate them, just as both require a human being to improperly operate them.

P.S. Poll! Men (all three of you): When was the last time you reached out and "fixed" a woman's exposed bra strap? (I don't mean your girlfriend.)


Brian said...

Fixing a woman's bra strap other than my girlfriend's is just all kinds of wrong. Guns can kill people, but so can angry women swinging huge purse-closets. No ma'am, no good samaritan bra fixing for me.

damned_cat said...

See, I so agree. I don't know what people are thinking sometimes. I think it's something that maybe a woman can do to (for) another woman (solidarity and all that) but even then, circumstances must be just so. I wouldn't fix Nancy Pelosi's bra strap. Actually, hers wouldn't be showing. But you know what I mean.

Dan said...

umm, yeah, i don't do bra repairs. you know, unless it's to take it off. woo!

i might take one of those dogs. they are kinda cute and if they learn to walk around on their hindlegs it'd be like a little t-rex. haha.

Anonymous said...

I just gawk at exposed brah straps. My girlfriend tells the lady, fixes the bra strap and thus ends the peep show for me. =(